Life Quotes and Love Quotes – Understand The Lesson!

You will find numerous quotes out there that are on the topics like life quotes and love quotes. They give us great life lessons that can last for quite long and wisdom that can aid us to live a better life, specially during hard circumstances. In this post, we will consider some of these Life Quotes and Love Quotes.

Benjamin Franklin says, “Time is money.” What we see here is that this quote is based on just three words yet it clearly indicates the worth of time. In life, we experience time and it can be the life itself. How we tend to spend our time in life means how we actually will live our life. A wise and sensible person is going to make a great use of his time and realize the worth of every second. The little things we do today could sum up to really big things tomorrow.

Some other great love quotes are from Rene Descartes. He states, If you would be a genuine pursuer after truth, it is essential that at least once in your life you disbelief as far as possible, all things.” This means that if there are no doubts about things in life, we would never be able to know the truth. Therefore, we should always remember that there is no limit to doubt, as quoted by Buddha, doubt is just like a sword that kills. You have to make certain that you learn the different between an unhealthy and healthy doubt. A doubt is considered to be an unhealthy one if it does not lead to truth. Hence, keep doubts, but ensure you clear it with all the truth and answers.

Leon Cooperman states, “My father told me I should marry the woman that loves me, not a woman that I loved.” This is an extremely imperative quotes as many people, usually after another that does not love them and ignore the ones that love them. The, eventually we realize the fact that we lose chasing those that do not love us. We all need to and must appreciate the ones that love us and only this is going to bring flowers to our lives.

Francois Rochefoucauld famous quote is: “True love is a ghost, which everyone talks about but a few have seen.” It is quite popular as it is true that all of us who have loved would totally agree. People keep talking about love but there is not much to give around. We must spread and practice love, compassion and kindness just as much as we talk or hear about it.


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