Know All About Wedding Photography To Make Your Big Day More Special

Wedding photography Toronto consists of taking photographs of activities which are related to the wedding. It includes all the photographs of the bride and groom before their marriage like for announcements, the portrait displays, or for the thank you cards. It also includes the coverage of the reception and the wedding.


Approaches to wedding photography:

There are two basic approaches to do wedding photography these days: Traditional and Photojournalistic. Traditional wedding photography gives more classically posed photos and photographer has a great deal of control on the interaction on the wedding day. The Photojournalist photography style takes cues from the editorial reporting styles and it focuses on the candid shots with few photographer interactions. These are the two extremes and many photographers of today fall somewhere in between of these two styles.

Another style becoming popular is the fashion-based approach. In fashion-based/ contemporary wedding photography, the photojournalist will combine the posed images that are inspired by the editorial fashion photography like those in magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue with the candid images from the events of that day.  This style normally involves a more dramatic and innovative post-processing of the images.

Another style getting famous mostly in the Asian countries, particularly in China, is the wedding studio photography. In this the couples will choose a studio in the similar manner as the western couples would choose a wedding photographer. Then they will make appointment with studio for either location or in-studio shoot. This is becoming popular in the recent years, for doing “glamour wedding shots”. In attendance there will also be a make-up artist and hairstylist in addition to the couple and the photographer. The couple will then go through many changes of backgrounds and clothing similar to that done in the fashion based approach.

Album, prints and other products:

A contemporary wedding photographer provides all or some of the following normally:

  • Indoor photography at a temple, church or any private venue through the whole ceremony and reception.
  • Outdoor photography normally at a beach, scenic location or a park on the wedding day and/or for the engagement photos.
  • Both candid and posed shots of the bride, groom and their guests at the civil or religious ceremony, and also of the reception.
  • A formal portraiture done in the studio
  • Digital services, like slides shows or digital prints.
  • Albums


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