Jumping Castle Hire – Things To Consider

Corporate dinners, birthday parties, family reunions are some of the special moments that recall great memories, and inspire everyone for their future opportunities and challenges. One issue, however, is to keep the nagging kids occupied. Is there anything that can really keep then engaged, so that you can have a really good conversation with someone you want to talk to? Can you just sit around with your family for some time without being pulled or pinched by your little one? Jumping castle hire is the best solution here for your problem!


Regardless of the fact that how tiny or spacious your space is a jumping castle can fit in anywhere. They are available in all sizes and at an affordable price that surely meets everyone’s budget. As there are a lot of companies that are offering jumping castle hire services, below are some of the vital aspects that you should know about:

Child’s Age

What is the particular age group for whom jumping castle should be hired? Are there just young kids or toddlers or teenagers? If there are toddlers, the jumping castle must have surrounding walls, and should not be too low or small to make the kids feel suffocated. The jumping castle should have adequate room so that the kids could easily and freely move around without hurting or terrifying themselves.

However, for the grown-ups, the jumping castle can be as refined as it pleases them.

Theme Based Jumping Castles

Once you have been able to sort things out, you need to pick a theme that is most appropriate for the age group. It could be a simple jumping castle with vibrant colors or a cartoon character that catches the eye. If you opt for a cartoon character ensure that is it nothing too scary. A smiling, docile character would be great to have.


For all the parents out there, their child’s safety is their primary concern. The jumping castle that you are considering hiring should not have any dangerous electrical tools attached to it. The castle must be able to bear the weight of the kids and the material should be durable as well. If it deflates while the kids are on it, it is surely going to create an unpleasant scene.

Obviously, you must also make sure that too many kids do not get on the castle all at once. Someone should be there to monitor the activity.



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