Insights Of Hair Loss

General Causes of Hair Loss:

If any person is losing few hairs a day, it is considered a normal. But if bald patches or lots of thinning appear, the person is experiencing hair loss. There are several reasons of the loss of hairs such as women generally experience hair loss after giving birth, or people under pressure usually experience hair loss, or it can also be caused by various diseases or medical treatments. Nowadays, a big reason for hair loss is hair styling methods and fashion techniques used for giving style to hairs.


What Research Says?

Researchers have identified that 95% of the loss of hairs is genetically based or also called as Androgenetic. The remaining 5% is due to different problems as described earlier. An androgenetic problem arises inside the hair follicle when the hormone testosterone reacts with a protein and transformed into dihydro-testosterone. This DHT is the main cause of inhibiting the growth of new hair follicle.

The scalp has several sebaceous and sweet glands and it is the least clean area of a human body. The glands on scalp produce organic waste as a byproduct and if this waste is not regularly cleaned, it can prevent the re-growth of normal hairs. In addition this byproduct also generates an odor which indicates the seborrhea and other hygiene issues.

Reducing the Hair Loss:

Not to worry, majority of the hair loss cases can be treated or cured. People suffering from loss or hair should see a dermatologist that specialized in treating hair problems. People living in Canada should consider Capilia Head First Prevention Program for the treatment of their hair problems. This program consists of a unique method of hair and scalp therapy that is proven as well as effective in increasing the re-growth of new hair cells. With the help of this program, 85% of people with hairs can maintain the health, fullness and strength of their existing hairs. This program consists of three steps. The first step comprises of hair and scalp analysis using state of the art Capiliascope. This instrument performs a complete capillary assessment and analysis of the scalp to identify the causes of loss of hairs. The second step comprises of treatment plan customized to suit the patient health conditions in order to purify and detoxify the scalp. The third step is the follow up in order to keep an eye on the progression on the treatment and analyze the results.


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