Important Things You Should Not Forget On Your Wedding Day

This is it. This is the big day. This is your wedding day. But wait, as any other events, your wedding can be a complete whirlwind. Even in the last moments leading to the joyous event there could be problems. You’re going to be distracted by the arrival of friends and family and last-minute questions from your vendors. Totally nerve-wracking!


So before you settle into the celebration mode completely, there are few final details you’re going need to check on your wedding notes. Here are some of the most important things you should not forget on your wedding day!

Beauty appointments – For both the groom and the bride, confirm your wedding-day beauty appointments! Make sure that these important appointments are set to get you going. Both of you should look perfect in the wedding videography and wedding photography. Singapore boasts an array of beauty spas, there should be one perfect for you. Get your manicure and pedicure.

Practice walking and dancing in your wedding shoes. – This one is so shallow but to tell you, this is very crucial. Before the actual wedding, you should have get the hang of your wedding shoes. Are the heels too high? Does it fit? Am I comfortable wearing it? Is it the right color? These are some of the questions you need to ask in terms of your shoes. If necessary bring an additional pair.

Finalize the schedule – Communicate the wedding-day schedule, any special duties, and important contact information to your parents, the wedding party, and your wedding coordinator. A document with call-times for everyone playing a large role in your day will help everything stay on schedule. Make sure that all the activities are on track. Wedding photography in Singapore should be coordinated as well so that they know when to take the perfect shots.

Finalize payments – Place final payments and cash tips into separate envelopes for each vendor. Give them to a trusted friend of family member to distribute on your wedding day. Ask him or her to greet each vendor and be the point person for questions. This way all the transactions are well-coordinated. Do not forget to finalize payments for your wedding photography and wedding videography.

Writing your vows – Writing your own vows? Making a toast? Prepare anything that requires a speech now. Sometimes, you need a little inspiration for these things so go to a place sentimental to you. Remember, your words on your wedding should come from your heart. Do not overthink

Coordinate with the VIPs – Communicate the schedule with any VIPs. Make sure anyone playing a large role in the day knows exactly where they need to be and when by sending them a detailed day-of schedule. Don’t overwhelm them with too many specifics, but make sure you provide any important addresses, phone numbers, and details that will help keep things on schedule. You want to enjoy your wedding day, not stress over whether everyone is where they should be, so plan ahead and provide the key players with the appropriate call-times.

Always remember that this is your most special day. Of course, there is room for hassle and stress, but this is a part of any event. Enjoy the wedding and cherish the experience. This is all about you and your partner. Celebrate this wonderful occasion with love and affection.


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