How You Can Get Your Body Back After Having Kids

Within weeks of having kids, a lot of mothers want to lose the ‘baby fat’ they acquired during their pregnancy. It is pretty inspiring to see celebrities who have melted away the extra fat within weeks and are back to their formal slim selves. But there are a lot of women who struggle with postnatal fat. While all pregnancies and deliveries are different, there are a few simple things you can do to get your old, slim, body back.

However, check with your doctor before beginning any program of workout or cosmetic surgery. If you feel discomfort during exercise, immediately stop. At the same time, remember that you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to justify laziness!


Walking is incredibly easy, enjoyable, doesn’t require any equipment, and is also the most low impact exercise you can take part in. Beginning an exercise regime soon after having a kid is important for your health. It can also stave off postnatal depression. For women who may have stopped exercise in the months before delivering, walking is the perfect introduction to an exercise regime. Just make it a point to constantly increase the minutes you walk, or the distance you walk, on a weekly and monthly basis. And, if you carry along your baby in a front pack, it’ll be more bonding time, as well as give you a little extra weight to carry.


Yoga is an incredibly therapeutic form of exercise that is perfect for mothers who have just had a child. Yogic exercises can be tailored based on any level of fitness, stamina and flexibility. You will find yourself rejuvenated and healthier, and as a result, capable of being a better mother. The correlation between regular yoga sessions and improved mental health is well known, and the positivity you will feel is a great asset when you are raising a baby. Yoga will also bring a glow to your face, and keep you free from illness and disorders.


The classic workout regime never lets anyone down. No matter how unfit you feel, there are a few things you can do. This includes lightweight dumbbell curls, skipping rope, walking or jogging on the treadmill, and a bit of low intensity exercise. Sweating it out a few times a week is one of the best ways to get back into fighting form, especially since you will have a hyper energetic baby to take care of.


Great surgeons know that one must attempt an exercise regime before considering surgery to get back one’s figure. However, there’s only so much that exercise and yoga can do. Also, the fact remains that exercise cannot remove the loose skin around your stomach, or the sagging breasts that come as a result of regular breastfeeding. Only procedures like liposuction, offered by can address issues like these.

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