How to Find the Right Family Law Attorney

Family law attorneys often specialize in dealing with sensitive issues like separation and divorce. If you are searching for a family law attorney to help support you as you go through the divorce process, it’s important to hire the right person. Your choice of attorney will impact everything from the result of your case, the length of time it takes to complete, and your overall stress level from start to finish. Here are a few tips that can help you find the right family law attorney to help you with your divorce.


Be Proactive About the Process

Many people are left scrambling to find a divorce lawyer after their spouse has already served them papers. If you’re separated from your partner and you feel as though divorce is likely, it’s a good idea to be proactive about finding a family law attorney to handle your case. This will give you plenty of time to meet with potential partners in order to choose the right person to support you as you go through the divorce process. Finding a lawyer early on can help you avoid the unfortunate scenario of choosing the wrong attorney because you feel pressured to make a decision immediately.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to find a good attorney is to ask your loved ones for their recommendations. If a friend or family member has worked with a family law attorney in the past, talk to them about their experience. A personal recommendation from a loved one can help you feel confident that the attorney you are choosing is someone that’s trustworthy and sensitive.

Take the Time to Consult With Potential Attorneys

As you are deciding on potential attorneys, it’s a good idea to schedule initial consultations. An initial consultation will give you the opportunity to meet different lawyers, get a sense of their personality, and learn more about their background and experience. Consider bringing a list of questions with you to each consultation. Talk to family law attorneys about their practice history, past settlements, and any costs associated with the process, including court and retainer fees.

Ask Yourself how you Felt

After you have the opportunity to meet with a few different lawyers, ask yourself how you felt during your consultations with each person. Did you feel as though the attorney was listening to your story? Were you relaxed during your conversation?  Did they seem knowledgeable? It’s a good idea to choose a family law attorney that made you feel comfortable, relaxed, and confident in their abilities.

Choosing the right family law attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your case as well as the entire legal process from start to finish. A sensitive, experienced, and trustworthy lawyer can help you feel more relaxed and confident as you go through the difficult divorce process. Being proactive about the process of finding an attorney, asking loved ones for recommendations, taking the time to consult with lawyers, and paying attention to your gut feelings can help you make the right decision about who to hire.


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