How a Water Ionizer Makes You Healthy All Day Long

A water ionizer can be used to create ionized water that can be used in many ways throughout your daily routine.  Most people think that a water ionizer only creates antioxidant-rich drinking water.  That’s just the beginning.  Here’s a step-by-step guide in using ionized water to make yourself healthy all day long.

Using Your Water Ionizer In the Morning

When you sleep, your body detoxifies.  So, when you use the bathroom after waking up, you are elminating waste and toxins from the previous day.  But your body is not perfect at detoxifying and you can help.

Your body becomes dehydrated when you sleep so the most important thing you can do to help your body in the morning is drink a large glass of ionized water.  Just set your EOS water to the number three setting and you’ll be drinking water with the same alkalinity and antioxidants as the best water in the world from the Fountain of Youth in Lourdes, France, Hunza, and other longevity springs.

Because ionized water is micro-clustered, it is three times more hydrating than a glass of any other water.  Plus, ionized water is full of antioxidants that will flush away more of the toxins in your body that are left over.  Ionized water is also charged with ions, technically it’s OH-, and that extra ion is given to unstable oxygen molecules in your cells called free radicals and converts them to regular oxygen that your body absorbs for energy.

So, a large glass of ionized water in the morning will hydrate your body, detoxify your body, and give you natural energy to start your day.

Ionized Water in Your Coffee

Next, if you’re a coffee or tea drinker, set your water ionizer to the number four strong alkaline water setting, which is about an 10 pH.  When you brew your coffee or tea with strong alkaline water, you neutralize the acidity so that it isn’t damaging to your body and won’t stain your teeth.

Next, for breakfast, set your water ionizer to the super strong alkaline setting, 11 pH and higher, and use this water to wash your fruit.  This super alkaline water will emulsify and wash away oil based pesticides from your fruit and vegetables that soap and water alone can’t remove.

Ionized Water at Work

If you’re off to work, don’t forget to fill a couple of glass or polycarbonate bottles with alkaline ionized water so you can continue hydrating and detoxifying through the day.  Drinking alkaline ionized water all day long will keep you regular and energized.  Also, using the same bottle each day will help reduce the amount of plastic bottle waste.

Need to release some stress and clean up after work?  Pour some number three acid water from your water ionizer into a spray bottle and spritz it on your face.  The Japanese sell this water, about a 5.5 pH, for three dollars or more a bottle and call it Beauty Water.  Beauty water is a natural astringent and will gently cleanse and tighten your pores for radiant skin. Plus, it feels very refreshing.

Cleaning With Super Acidic Water

If you need to do a quick clean up around the house, fill a spray bottle with super strong acid water, about a 2.5 pH.  This water will kill bacteria and viruses.  So, when you spray it in your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll sanitize the surfaces.  You can also soak your sponges and toothbrushes in this water to keep them sterilize.  If you run across an oil stain, just spray some super strong alkaline water on it to clean it up.

For dinner, soak your meats in super strong alkaline water to neutralize the acid and bring out the flavor.  You can also boil your vegetables in super strong alkaline water to neutralize the acidity and make them easier to digest.

Finally, before bedtime, don’t forget to drink a couple glasses of alkaline ionized water.  This will help your body with its natural detoxification cycle and help you sleep.

In conclusion, there are many uses for your water ionizer besides just drinking the water.  A premium water ionizer, like the EOS DNA Water Ionizer available at can make all of these levels with precision and it is super easy to use, to make you healthy all day long!

To your health!


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