Get The Formal And Casual Fashion Right-For Big Men

Here are some great tips to get casual, semi-formal and formal fashion right for big and tall men.

Sweatshirts which used to be a casual home-wear has evolved into a fashionable piece of clothing for most occasions; be it casual or semi-formal. Men can use big and tall sweatshirts as both casual and formal wear, and they are much cheaper than overcoats and blazers.


Tips for big and tall sweatshirts:

You shouldn’t go for the biggest shirt on the rack; it should be no lower than the crotch. If it goes lower than the pockets of your pants, it’s long.

Sleeve seems must be at the shoulders.

Don’t pick anything except for cotton or mix of cotton and polyester. Because big and tall men tend to sweat a lot so avoid nylon and wool at all costs.

Black sweatshirts:

Black color has a slimming effect and works for all occasions.

Being a solid color, black sweatshirts hides any wrinkles or folds in it.

You can pair it with many colors. Pairing it with red or blue will get you a formal look like for a dinner. Pairing it with simple jeans or blue slacks will leave a more casual look like for going to the mall or for movies.

If you want to go for a semi-formal look, stay away from hooded clothes.

Not just any black sweatshirt:

First check the material. Stick with cotton and polyester mix or just plain cotton as mentioned before as it’ll be more comfortable and airy.

Large men should not go for large and extra large clothes. They should wear clothes that fit them perfectly instead of opting for the overtly large clothes of the recent hip-hop fashion as it will only make them look sloppy and disorganized.

Stay away from colorful pants such as red jeans or baby blue as it will look ridiculous. Only stick with complimentary colors like grey, beige, dark blue or black when pairing big and tall sweatshirts with pants.

Now for a more formal event like a business meeting here are some points to get formal fashion for big men right.

The right fit

Whatever the case maybe, you should always stick with the right fitted clothes. In spite of the myth, extra-large clothes do not hide the extra weight and too tight clothes make the curves and bulges obvious. So even if it takes a bit of money you should get your suit altered by the tailor to look good and professional.

Designer clothing

Contrary to popular belief about mass production, some designers do carry clothes for large and tall men. So you should invest in some good pieces from there.

Simple is elegant

Do not overdress, as flashy clothes will only make your size stand out. Go for a simple look and keep it light to counter the perspiration problem that most big and tall men have.

Tips regarding formal fashion for big men

Tuck your shirt by using a military fold. Not too tight or too loose.

Wearing a wide belt will keep your mid-section balanced and firm.

Wear trousers without pleats as they’ll only make you look bigger instead of thinner.


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