Formal Attire for Women

Workplace ethics and etiquette has become such a big factor everywhere, that we have image consultants and a range of training programs designed to educate new recruits about the dos and don’ts of the workplace. A big part of this is workplace attire. Different workplaces and organizations require a different kind of dressing up. While some require their employees to dress up strictly in formal office wear, others are a bit more liberal. There are different unofficial dressing codes of work attire to be followed for office parties or meetings or a regular day at work.


Tips for women to help them dress formally

There are several tips in place to be followed by women for dressing formally. Formal coats for women are always a must to have in every working woman’s wardrobe. It does not matter what the season, formal coats can be worn to work almost always. They might be a simple coat or a fancy jacket to be worn at a special occasion.

Coats are usually expensive, owing to the special care that goes into making them. It is important to choose the right type of jacket or coat owing to the expense involved. There is a large variety in this field and each type has its own advantages and its disadvantages. Therefore it is important to make the smartest choice.

In summer, women should be on the lookout for coats that are lighter in weight. The temperature during this season is much warmer and it is also expected that time spent outdoors during this season will be more than in winter. A light coat prevents too much sweat developing in the body. Therefore it is more comfortable to have a lighter coat to wear in the summer months.

Summers also witness occasional rainfall and therefore coats for this season also need to be waterproof otherwise they might get damaged. Preferably coats with the fabric being a bit rubberized serve the purpose well.

In winter, the type of coat differs because of the changes in temperature and climate. The weather is much harsher, the temperature is a lot less, and there are winds and at times snowfall. This calls for a coat of a more protective nature. The fabric used for the coat has to be much thicker. The length should ideally be more and a hood attached to the coat is a great asset to have. It is also better to have a coat with multiple layers of fabric so that it retains much more heat than usual.


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