Five Ways Your Body is Telling you That You Need a Mommy Makeover

After the glow of maternity has faded away, women find themselves falling into a routine that leaves them little time to truly take care of themselves and their physical appearance. Combined with a hectic work life are the demands of being both a homemaker and a mother. It indeed takes a toll on women, leaving them with early signs of ageing.

For many women, a strict regimen of exercise and healthy eating can help them counter the pressures of this life. However, there are some things that they cannot improve on their own.  Here’s how a woman can know she’s ready for a ‘mommy makeover’ – i.e. surgical cosmetic enhancement after becoming a mother.

Stomach flab after giving birth

When celebrities pull off the flat stomach look within weeks of giving birth, there’s often a tummy tuck involved. For women who have had 2 or more kids, a sagging stomach persists despite dieting and exercise. That’s not fat, but loose skin that only surgery can remove.

Bust size changes after years of breastfeeding

It is not rare in women who have breastfed multiple children to develop sagging breasts. As mentioned above, there’s only so much exercise can achieve. To get back the feminine figure, many women find that a breast lift is incredibly effective.

Abdominal Separation

Known in the medical field as ‘Diastasis Recti’, the condition sees the female belly stick out as there has been increased space between the belly muscles. 2/3rd of pregnant women experience this. While this heals after childbirth, many women still suffer from it even a year later. This can require surgery.

Stretch marks as a result of childbirth

For women researching how to retain their beauty after giving birth, one of the first things they read up on is stretch marks. There are several brands of creams and lotions that advertise stretch mark reduction, but they are not always effective. In these situations, surgery can be the only option that will actually achieve visible and lasting results.

Other fat deposits that do not improve no matter how much you work out

Along with your stomach, you may spot stubborn fat pockets on waist, arms and thighs that don’t disappear no matter how much you work out.  Fat deposits can be safely removed with liposuction.

Dr Tavakoli’s mummy makeover considers the combination of tummy tuck, fat

removal and surgical bust enhancement. It’s a highly specialized procedure and based on your requirements, the approach precisely addresses incision, treatment and post-surgery requirements over consultation.

It must be noted that a woman doesn’t need all of these procedures. It all depends on how pregnancy has changed her body. While one woman may only need to get rid of stretch marks, another can need to address her sagging bustline. A mommy makeover therefore brings back your old bustline and stomach, making you look and feel better. However, that doesn’t mean you can now be lazy – you still need to do some exercise to keep fit.


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