Feeling The Stress Of Christmas? Some Tips To help You Unwind

Sometimes you do wonder if it’s worth all the effort that goes into it. You start planning your present list months in advance, you bake the Christmas cake in early November, make the mincemeat and stock up on wrapping paper and cards, but still you end up with lots of last minute jobs that leave you feeling stressed out.

There is such a lot at stake, that every year you want to give your family the best possible time and the pressure to not let anyone down is huge. Like most women you probably find it hard to pass on small jobs to other people thinking that you can make a far better job of it. However, by doing that you really aren’t doing yourself any favours so one of the first things you should think about is asking for a bit of help from the family.

aspergers children and christmas

Most families are only too willing to give a hand but may be waiting for you to ask them first. Perhaps it could be something as simple as posting the Christmas cards for you or even buying the stamps; a simple job but one that you can quickly tick off your list.

In amongst the mayhem, don’t forget to leave some time for yourself. Sitting down to read for perhaps half an hour after lunch will give you some time away from all the planning and will give you extra energy for later.

Make sure you eat good healthy food in the run up to Christmas so you’ll have the stamina to cope. Grabbing a quick chocolate bar is not the way to go about it and will leave you feeling tired and lethargic by mid afternoon.

Leave time to enjoy maybe a massage or a session or two in a hot tub (such as a Vita Spa hot tub model) to help you unwind. You’ll find the warm water will work wonders and will leave you feeling relaxed and stress free. You’ll also find your quality of sleep will improve as hot tubs are renowned for their ability to help with sleep problems.


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