Drugs and Crime: Two Factors Threatening the Overall Development of a Nation

In the past few years, there has been a significant growth in the illicit trafficking of drugs, people, ammunitions and other natural resources. Such kind of trafficking indicates the presence of strong criminal groups flourishing in some parts of the world. No doubt, such activities existed in the past as well; however, their scope and scale in today’s age are record-breaking. Few years ago, the value of such illegal activities was estimated at some US$ 1.3 trillion, but the results have exceeded this limit by a significant margin in today’s time.


Drug trafficking and crime has become one of the major concerns today, as they have become a source to degrade the development of the nation. Whatever amount is made from such illicit activities is used to raise funds against terrorism and other illicit activities that are harmful for the nation in every way. There are just a very few nations that are safe from such illicit existence. A great part of the world is suffering from this problem; which is why it is has become very important to take strict measures against these activities as soon as possible.

In several countries and states where drug is actually produced, criminal associations weaken the state authority by triggering corruption and compromising elections, eventually impacting the economy of the nation. In every case, such situations have a negative impact on the overall development of the nation by impacting the lives of people on the earth.

As the development of nation is hampered by such illicit bodies, it is important to make crime and drugs a part of a fierce agenda. It is important to formulate approaches so that stringent actions can be taken to control them and ensure the development of the world in a positive way. We should step ahead to address various issues like money laundering, corruption and illicit trafficking for successful and efficient results.

It is true crime and drugs are slowly eating up the economy of the world. Every weak and strong country is getting adversely affected by its results. Therefore, it is necessary to take actions against them and bring an end to these wars.

Though strong countries are also prey to illicit activities yet small ones are more vulnerable for they do not have enough resources to fight against crimes. Ultimately,      the success of development of such nations is reversed, and opportunities for advancements are lost. However It is a matter of great pleasure for us that the The President of India, His Excellency Hon’ble Shri Pranav Mukharjee ji inaugurated the 58th Plenary Session. The famous Ayurvedic pharmacies and organizations will be participating in these exhibitions.

There are umpteen factors that boost the spirit of evil creatures; however, corruption has a very great role to play. In fact, it is the dominating factor and unless and until corruption is stopped, it is highly unlikely to expect improvements in the illegal activities in the nation.

It is a situation that needs joint effort and commitment to bring an end by exploiting the actual triggering force. So, join hands and step ahead to show the world a new face of freedom. Get started today!


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