Ditch the bottled water and choose an outdoor filter

Many people wonder if filtering water is necessary. Certainly store brought water is reliable too. But the thing is that plastic bottles are actually harmful to our health. The chemicals of plastic and the color of the plastic fading can lead us to cancer. Normally plastic bottles are manufactured by using a level 1 plastic material to cut down the costs. This material should be used only once and then should be disposed off but the companies keep recycling it and use it lots of times for minimizing costs. And so it can cause damage to your health if it’s frequently used. So what to do?

There is always the option of home water filter systems over the tap. Using filtered water can benefit you in many ways like it improves the taste of beverages and foods. It also cuts down the expenses of buying expensive and bulky delivered or store-bought bottled water. It also helps in protecting the expensive plumbing fixtures from the scale build-up, which can reduce water pressure and flow.

Going outdoors?

But what if you are going outdoors for a hiking or a camping trip and might need to use bottled water. Worry not! You can now use the penapis air water filter system for immediately turning the lake, river or rain water into drinkable water. It removes bacteria by 99.99% and is a portable water filter. Hence it is ideal for hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, military, foreign travel, survival expedition, emergency etc. The PRC’s Soldier also used this type of filter in the Soldier’s Water Purifier during the Wenchuan earth-quake disaster in 12th, May, 2008.

Penapis air water filter:

Penapis air water filter has been recognized as the world lightest and smallest water filter, and has been authorized by authorities as one of the many support equipments for PLA Paratroop. It has dual ceramic membranes cartridge of mean pore size 0.1 micron, with which it can filter the dirty water from river, rain and lake immediately into drinkable water. It entirely removes bacteria in the water, and helps in removing 99.99% of Escherichia coli.

It has the following features:

Smallest filter:

It is the smallest filter ever and can be even held in the glasses box.
Lightest filter: 

It is very light and is of less than 90g.
Environment friendly: 

This filter is environment friendly and has cleanable filter cartridge.
High filtration fineness: 

The unique dual ceramic membranes cartridge fitted in this with the mean pore size 0.1 micron are very effective.



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