Decoding Everything you Need To Know about Finding The Right Cosmetic Surgeon

The search to look younger and more attractive is a common one. We try everything we can in our effort to look better. This includes:

  • Exercise: to tone our body and bring a natural glow to our tired out skin
  • Products for our skin and hair
  • Alternative remedies

However, when we still are not satisfied, a cosmetic surgeon’s work seems the next best solution. Often, there are things in our physicality that only a surgeon can correct. This can include a less than proportionate nose, unwanted flab, or saggy body parts.


How does one find a good surgeon?

Good research is essential, but where do you start.

Honestly the first step is the easiest. You simply have to put all your options together. For this, you can try to ask friends, family members, general doctors and even check online. Once you have made a list, however, you have to narrow it down based on criteria to find the best match.

Reputation check

For this, find out about their practice, their patients (including known names, if any), as well as any complaints against them posted online. Tweets and public Facebook posts are a great source of information. Also check out blogs or other online mentions about them. Also, go through their website to explore their testimonials, as well as the before and after photos and videos. This is a great way to see the kind of work they do, even before you meet them.


You can have an initial meeting with them to discuss your particulars. However, to reduce the number of doctors you meet, you can have a telephonic discussion. This gives you some idea of whether the surgeon is capable of meeting your requirements.

You can also email/courier them your medical papers to see your medical particulars and requirements to see if they’re capable or willing to perform on you. For simple routine surgeries, of course, they might not say no. But often there are complex surgeries that may require additional consultation.


You are not meeting to finalize your surgery, but to find out more about the surgeon. You’ll also get an idea about the practice based on his office, his demeanor, etc. Your personal impression is important because you need to be able to trust him or her. During this time, you can also discuss pricing and other requirements such as scheduling the procedure.

This all may seem like a bit of work, but once you have narrowed down on the best surgeon you can afford, you can rest easy trusting that you are in great hands.

During this meeting, you should also discuss the before and after results. You need to know exactly what you are getting. Also find out about associated risks and precautions. Most invasive surgeries have some element of minor risk attached, and they won’t be as casual as getting your legs waxed – you need to take care of yourself afterwards.

Before and after photos from the surgeon’s practice also a great way to judge their caliber. Look for pictures in cases similar to yours. Dr. Tavakoli is a well-known plastic surgeon Sydney trusts and whose years of experience has helped hundreds of women make a big difference in their lives.

A note about cost

Many make the mistake of assuming that the surgery cost only includes the actual cost of the procedure. There are other associated costs that you need to total up:

  1. Lifestyle changes – clothing, medicine, nutrition
  2. Follow up appointments
  3. Drop in take home if you take a lot of days off work to recover

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