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Dentists and Botox?

There are many things that you would never naturally put together, and dentists and Botox are two of them. How on earth could there be a link between a part of medicine that is focused on your teeth and gums, and a medical treatment that is used to make a person look younger and healthier? […]

Wedding nightmares: chipped teeth

There are many things that people worry about when they are planning to get married, and they are generally divided into two different groups: things you can do something about, and things that are totally out of your control. Whether your outfit fits and whether your shoes rub are usually in the first group, and […]

Is your toothpaste slowly poisoning you?

It sounds like a ridiculous and fear-mongering question: is your toothpaste slowly poisoning you? Many thousands of people would scoff, and ignore the question completely: but new research suggests that the question may actually bear considering. After all, we have just been informed that Colgate Total toothpaste, the brand that has spent almost eighteen years […]

What is the history of holistic dentistry?

Dentistry has been around for thousands of years. As the human race, we have always tried to make sure that we keep our bodies in the best of health, and that definitely includes our teeth. The Ancient Greeks wrote essays about teeth, the Ancient Egyptians spent an awful long time trying to cure the common […]