Buyers Guide: The Best of Luxury Handbags

If you are anything like us then you probably love a luxury handbag or two. Though buying a luxury handbag can be a very challenging proposition. It can be a fairly reasonable chunk of money to spend on an accessory and you want to make sure you pick the right one that you will love for a long time to come. Loving the look of a luxury handbag is sometimes not enough to justify spending on it. There are a whole host of other considerations that you should also think about. We asked Think Stunning, our favourite luxury handbag brand, to assess what handbag suits each occasion.


The slouch top handle bag gives many different types of carrying options as it is flexible to carry upon the shoulders. It is a great choice for the lady who doesn’t have time to change her bag very often, as it seamlessly transitions from day to night and work week to weekend. It looks effortlessly stylish and is a great mix of casual and formal too.  The design by Think Stunning above is a great go–to handbag for any occasion.

Larger Tote Bags


Do you have a number of items that you need to carry around on a daily basis? Then a larger tote handbag might be the answer. These oversized bags are very popular for both work and also for shopping trips too. It has become very popular for celebrities to be seen with a larger tote bag. So they are both practical and fashionable handbags. If you are going to be using it for shopping more than work, then a slightly more relaxed fabric may be desirable. For work, a more structured look is probably more preferable.

Across Body Bags


An across body handbag is a great option if you hate carrying your handbag by hand all day long. The strap makes it effortless to feel as if you are not even wearing a bag. It also gives you a little extra security if you are venturing into a big city, or area of crime.  If you need extra use of your hands then the across body bag is the correct one for you.

Get the size and style right too

Make sure you consider the size of you luxury handbag. This is one of the most important considerations when preparing to buy a new accessory. Getting the wrong size could mean that you feel uncomfortable carrying it around. For work you may want to make sure that the bag can fit an A4 file in it, if you have to use it a lot. You may also want to make sure that the bag has a pocket where your phone is easy to access. There is nothing more annoying than having to dig around a large and unorganised handbag when you need your phone for work purposes.

For more luxury handbags, you can view the entire range of Think Stunning handbags on their website.


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