Breast Augmentation Surgery: A Procedure with Amazing Benefits

Why must one shy away from looking and feeling better as a whole, if they possess the money and resources to do so? Role models and celebrities today have set the trend of cosmetic procedures, and these procedures are no longer exclusive to the elite. Australians may have spent billions of dollars on simple procedures such as Botox injections and liposuction, but as it stands today, Breast Augmentation happens to be the reigning favourite. Not too long ago, the age group that would frequent opting breast implants would be between 20 to 30 years. However today, women in their 30s, 40s and even 50s are becoming increasingly common in choosing breast enlargement and shaping procedures.


But is breast augmentation worth it?

Breast augmentation procedures may have become popular in current times, but it definitely can be said that there is a high rate of satisfaction derived as a outcome of the procedure. Approximately 98% of the women who underwent breast augmentation have stated that the results met and in some cases even exceeded their expectations.

This was the conclusion drawn from a prospective outcome study, published in the journal titled ‘Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’ (May issue) by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This society is the world’s plastic surgeons body, and includes members from The American Board of Plastic Surgery and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Satisfaction with results

Women divulged that they found self-esteem that they once failed to recognize and an overall development in the quality of their lives post surgery. A total of 225 women were asked to provide their inputs on the subject following a month of undergoing breast augmentation procedures. The questions asked in the interviews pertained to rest required, results and acquired outcome, effects on their body and changes in psychology as a whole. Most patients found themselves to have gone “back to normal” in about a month, and over 80% found their new size to be “just right.”

Psychological Benefits

Over 90% of these women mentioned in their testimony that their self-esteem had indeed enhanced post procedure, and also stated improved quality of life. In the United States, the usual trend setter for cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation has been noted to be the most expensive of all procedures. It isn’t uncommon to find men felling physically attracted to women with good body figures. Owing to this, women feel more confident and secure of their bodies and their overall attractiveness, further aiding in developing their self esteem.

Improved sex lives, the go-to hub of surgery reviews and recommendations, conducted a survey for female individuals that had underwent breast augmentation practices. It was found that sex life among women who had undergone the procedure had definitely improved. Many women cited that their sexual satisfaction improved immensely, as did the frequency of sex in general. Many factors are to be considered whilst looking at these positive results. Firstly, women suffering from low self-esteem due to scarring and other skin imperfections find themselves to be more attractive after the procedure than before. These imperfections include skin blemishes, injuries and scarring. They also include genetic ailments such as tuberous breasts and asymmetry, both of which can make a woman feel less attractive.

More striking, however, are the demographics of women who wish to appear attractive to men. Breasts happen to be a very prominent aspect of femininity, and are considered to be highly crucial in assessing attractiveness. Thus, women undergoing breast augmentation have the positive notion that their attractiveness has improved and so have their chances catching someone’s fancy. Often, women opting for the procedure have confessed that they didn’t deem themselves attractive enough for their own husbands and that implants have aided them in feeling young, attractive and desirable.

There are very clear benefits

Women have reported high levels of satisfaction from the procedure. As the procedure gets more standardized, it is becoming increasingly efficient and safe. Several breast implants specialist have reported an exceedingly low complication rate as can be seen at: Details on procedures like breast augmentation and even the complicated ones like tuberous breast correction can be seen from the case studies on the webpage:


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