Book Review: Guys Don’t Get It by Dane Sarkis

Guys Don’t Get It is a non-fiction book written by Dating Coach Dane Sarkis. He came from Sydney, Australia and this was his first book being launched. It is a book with 97 pages which is mainly streaming about dating.

This is actually a book which is primarily about guys pros and cons in dating and meeting up women. Most of the ideas that we wrote to this book comes from his personal encounter to women around him. He also includes some experiences from his sets of friends and colleagues who, like him, had success upon mingling to the opposite sex.

It majorly caters techniques and methods on how you would have an effective entertain up with girls and avoid commotion with them. He shares practice on how to beat awkward situation, how to keep up the conversation, how to build up attraction and so on. In short, this book will help man on how to make an in demand image at the very first meet up with girls.

This book surely holds on to the saying that first impression last. It is good for Sarkin to also indicate some problems that men do upon initial encounter. He corrected some of the information that circulates the circle of men.

Sarkin’s writings were also very easy to read and very clear to understand. One thing that is good about this book was that there are no sweet talks or like on Sarkin’s description, no sugar coating. It was plain and direct to understand.

One thing I do notice here was just all of his techniques were just about the initial meet up and on how to keep up with girls. It was more on the egos of men and how to boost up their self esteem.  The book lacks on strengthening the foundation of friendship or your relationship with women. It is more about of how a guy would be flirtatious with the women he wants to date with.

But if you put the book in general aspects, the techniques Sarkin’s suggested were really useful. It could help you beat out weird meetings within your work and the general crowd itself. It could also help you to avoid or prepare situations that might be a cause to lower your own esteem.

This is actually a self-esteem book to guys that could actually be of big help. It will make you learn many things about on how to start up with girls. You could actually apply the techniques and see the progressing result of it. I could give this book a 4 out of 5 rating. It is actually good and Sarkin has a lot of space for improvement.


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