Are Film Schools Really Worth Going To?

In the present times a great variety of film schools have come up to facilitate students who are interested in the process. These schools offer a wide range of options to select from thus confusing the student who does not have any experience in the matter. However, students should not get carried away and chose carefully.  Their preference should be those film school which gives them both a good idea of the fundamentals of film making and also enables the student to achieve his best in the career of film making.


Hands on practice

There are many good schools which give their students the knowledge of not only the theoretical aspects of film making but also give them the opportunity of working on their own films as well as the films of their seniors and their classmates. The student gets the chance of working on various crew positions like the editor, sound manager or the camera or lights’ man. Furthermore the students receive a great amount of practice as they are given the chance of writing, shooting, directing and editing their own projects of film making. This kind of a practice helps in the all round development of the student and such an opportunity is not provided by many schools.

Additional advantage of city based film schools

An additional advantage that several city based film schools have is that they provide the student with singular and unique locations for film shooting. While it helps the students to employ their surroundings to shoot their film it also helps them in a careful study of the surrounding and to use them according to the theme of their films. Several technical aspects are also imbibed into the student by a careful training of the teacher. From day 1 itself the student finds himself behind the camera on the location, learning to employ light and shade, both artificial and natural. Additionally the students get the opportunity of working under the faculty who are well versed in the aspects of film making and even can provide valuable insights into being successful in film making career.

Every student is not good in all the aspects of film making and might want to pursue a specific field according to their interests.  Schools roving a wide range from writing, editing, sound designing, casting, cinematography to documentary film making, budgeting, scheduling and location sound writing should be the natural preference in such cases. Remember, the more the choices, the more your chances.


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