Advice for Would-Be Cougars – 4 Tips for Dating Younger Men

For those new to the toyboy dating scene and a little unsure about whether they can make a great cougar, we have compiled our top four tips for dating younger men. Embrace the toyboy dating scene in all its glory, whether you are looking for a fling or a longer term relationship.


Remember age is only a number!

Whilst you may have heard this line thrown around quite heavily on the toyboy dating scene, it’s true! And what he may be lacking in age, you have to remember that you make up for this with experience. Dating younger men brings a number of positives to the table, but be positive about your role as a cougar also, after all, you have a lot to offer.

Keep it exciting

Dating a younger man or older woman is an exciting prospect in itself, so embrace all that the toyboy dating scene has to offer – it may just give you a new outlook on life.

Don’t always be the one taking control

Many individuals looking in from the outside may see a cougar as a mother figure, a prospect that comes with having control over the younger man, but don’t fall into this stereotype. You may have control over your own life as a strong and experienced woman but being able to let go of the reins every once in a while can open up a whole world of opportunities.

Understand the cons and embrace the perks

Dating a younger man may come with its advantages, but it is important to have your eyes open about the cons that come with the toyboy dating scene. Being prepared for the lack of experience and difference in maturity means that you can embrace it and ultimately enjoy it!


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