8 Things You Need to Know Before Undergoing a Botox Treatment for Jaw Reduction

Botox has been considered as a muscle relaxer and a viable treatment not just for the wrinkles, but also for urinary, spasticity incontinence in patients with spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis, hyperhidrosis as well as the jawlines. Yes, you have read it right, the jawlines!


There are 8 things you need to know before you opt for Botox jaw reduction treatment.

  1. The Botox treatments have long be used the doctors as an off-label technique for jaw reduction or reshaping. The trend basically originated in Korea, where there was high demand for less angular and softer jawlines, especially in females. Without any general anesthesia, knives, painful and long recovery period, Botox jaw reduction treatment is going to take a few minutes, and you will notice the results in coming days.
  2. Whether for reshaping jawline or for wrinkle reduction, Botox works particularly in the same manner; by introducing the crucial element, botulinum toxin protein, into the targeted muscle. This activity blocks the transmission sent to the muscles from the nervous system, which relaxes the muscles along with the skin that overlays them.
  3. When it is about jawline reshaping, the masseter muscle group that is located in the jaw is the primary target and is induced via injections. Once these masseter muscles are relaxed, they no longer become larger in size. Relaxation allows them to get smaller, which eventually causes the jawline to become less angular, softer and pronounced.
  4. A series of injections is generally required to acquire best results. Moreover, maintenance treatments may be needed.
  5. No surgery required!
  6. Botox jaw reduction treatment is a non-invasive yet viable alternative to surgical procedures, where the jaw is cut open and then the bones are reshaped.
  7. It is imperative to know that such sort of a treatment can simply reshape angular, larger jawlines to make them appear more feminine and softer.
  8. It is vital for you to know that Botox is not a procedure that can reshape the jawline to make it entirely different or more pronounced.

The Botox jaw reduction treatment has become extremely popular due to the fact that the list of side effects and risks related to intensive surgical procedures can be easily avoided, even though a different set of side effects and risks related to injection certainly exist in its place which can be far less threatening but are deemed as temporary.


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