5 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Selling From ECO Bifold

If you’re thinking about selling your home and perhaps moving up or even downsizing there are a few things you can do to make sure you maximise your investment. The right kind of ‘staging’ will not only make sure your home is seen in the best possible light but can actually add thousands of pounds to the selling price. Some preparation for viewing can be fairly superficial while other improvements may cost a bit of cash but if done correctly will see you recoup your money back and more. Here are 5 ideas from ECO Bifold to help you get you get the most you can from the sale of your home.


  1. Declutter – This might seem obvious but get rid of any rubbish from any nooks and crannies. If you have furniture which makes the room look too small put it in storage. It’s important not to make your house look impersonal but put yourself in a new buyer’s shoes. How would you react if you were to see your home for the first time? Would you think it looked ok or would you be totally bowled over?
  1. Paint – A fresh lick of paint in a fairly neutral colour will make your home seem lighter and brighter. It will also allow viewers to imagine putting their own stamp on it.
  1. Fix it up – Make sure all the little things are taken care of. Replace any broken tiles, clean the bathroom and shower area until it sparkles and ensure there is no smell of mildew. Replace broken door handles, paint the windows and replace or repair any threadbare carpets. Look out for hairline cracks in the plaster and make sure they are repaired properly.
  1. Gardening time – Cut back all the bushes, mow the lawn and again get rid of any rubbish dumped behind the shed. Tidy up the patio area and show that the garden is a place to relax and unwind in.
  1. Tackle the bigger jobs – There are certain jobs you can undertake that will help to put some money on your bottom line. You can replace the kitchen or at the very least carry out a kitchen makeover with new door and drawer fronts and perhaps some new worktops and appliances. If you have a garage lying unused why not convert it into an additional bedroom? Or, if you have a dining room facing onto the garden with old patio doors you could replace them with brand new bifold doors from around £1,700. The real benefit of bifolds is that they open fully to create one through space from your indoor to your outdoor area. Now if that isn’t a showstopper, I don’t know what is!


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