5 Signs That You Are Soon Going To Be Proposed

Guys react weirdly when it comes to relationship matters. They often hesitate the most when they are going to ask a girl for a date for the first time or especially when they are going to propose a girl for marriage. No prediction, why they are so not open about their feelings but it gets hard for the women to know them well.

If you are thinking that your relationship is going on for quite long and it’s the time that your guy should propose you then yes, he might be thinking the same. But how can you know that you are going to be proposed soon? Here are a few signs that may give you hint about the proposal from your guy. Visit Stronger Marriages for more information about relationship issues.

5 Signs That You Are Soon Going to Be Proposed:

Below are the signs that indicate that your boyfriend is going to propose you soon:

  1. He is acting weird:

If the guy in your life is acting out of his character lately, like he is more concerned about your hands, he avoids making eye contact with you, he starting to say that he loves you more often and all over acting weird then he might be thinking of proposing you soon.

  1. He is suddenly starting to save money:

If the guy is suddenly starting to save money and prefer to eating home then hanging out and have dates then he might be saving to buy an engagement ring for you. Obviously girls like diamonds and guys have to save some money to buy a diamond ring.

  1. Inquiring about weddings:

The guy might suddenly get interested in attending the weddings and start inquiring about from where the cake is bought, how good the venue is, how excellent the musicians are. He might start asking you for your opinion as well.

  1. Brings family in:

If your guy is suddenly interested in meeting with your family or ask you to meet his family then he might want to make you familiar with them so that you can feel comfy when you are married. That’s a great sign of proposal.

  1. He started talking about future:

Guys start discussing with the girl about future when he is ready to bring you in his life. He start discussing about marriage or children, etc.


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