5 Reasons To See A Dermatologist

If you are one of the lucky few who have never suffered from serious skin problems then well done you! You are definitely in the minority as more and more of us are visiting a dermatologist. Once thought of as mainly an ‘acne doctor’ we know exactly how beneficial a dermatologist can be in several areas. We have put together this list of 5 reasons why you should see a dermatologist but there are many more and if you are unsure take a trip along anyway.


Skin Conditions

Dry flaky skin, red patches, blackheads, open pores; these are all symptoms of many types of different skin conditions and should be checked out by a dermatologist before you try and treat them yourself.  Self diagnosing on the Internet is never a good thing, as treating a condition with the wrong medication can make it much worse and, depending on the condition, can lead to scarring. Never leave it to chance, or the Internet, see a dermatologist.

Annual Skin Cancer Checks

As with all cancers the earlier you treat skin cancer the better. We all know to watch out for moles etc  but there are many different kinds of skin cancers that can disguise themselves as other conditions. A regular skin cancer screening will not only put your mind at rest but give you the best chances of a complete recovery should something be discovered.

Adult Acne

You don’t look twice at a teenager with acne but when you get into your 30’s or 40’s and have it it can have a major effect on your self-confidence.  Adults suffer from acne breakouts for numerous reasons from the wrong diet to going through the menopause. Finding the underlying cause of adult acne is the key to successful treatment and your dermatologist will tell you exactly what that is.

Nail Disorders

Yes you read that correctly; nails. Any number of nail disorders such as flaking, ingrown, fungal infections can be treat by a dermatologist. Many serious diseases first manifest themselves through your nails and having a dermatologist check yours out regularly is something you should add to your healthcare regime. Disorders of many internal organs, such as the liver,  and diabetes and anaemia can all be detected through your nails so anything you aren’t sure about get it checked out by an expert.  Signs to look out for include changes in the shape or colour of your nails, the skin around your nails becoming swollen, pain around the nail area, persistent black or white lines or ridges and dents. Better to be safe than sorry.

Hair Loss

If you have noticed more hair on your brush or comb or have seen more going down the plug hole than usual then a trip to the dermatologist is advised. You could be suffering from a scalp disorder that is causing the hair loss and not even know about it.  Dermatologists can offer an array of solutions for hair loss in both sexes and the sooner you pay them a visit the quicker the process can begin.


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