5 Best Celebrity Perfumes Of All Time

It is always fascinating when you came to know that your favorite celebrity uses a specific brand. And, you start to use that brand instantly. Same goes for the perfume. If you know that your favorite celebrity smells amazing with her/his perfume then you also want that perfume so you can have the same fragrance for yourself. From business point of view, if any celebrity is using your product much frequently then you see it as a wonderful opportunity to take your brand to the next level. All you need is to cast that celebrity for advertisement of that specific product and boom! Up goes the sales. We have selected few perfume brands that the celebrities are using frequently.

Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend

We are not talking about the actual girlfriend of Justin Bieber, it is the perfume that he wear. It smells awesome and it is much popular in the teenage girls. It possess very nice citrus notes with vanilla and musk scent.

CanCan Paris Hilton

Another amazing and very sensual fragrance. It is sharp though much like Paris Hilton. It smells like citrus and neutral amber. It is a one of those celebrity perfumes that you can use more frequently on different occasions. You can also wear it on work.

Fame Lady Gaga

Much suited to the personality of the shining star. It smells fresh and citrus. A wonderful refreshing scent can make your day beautiful. Just like Lady Gaga, her perfume also earned the fame among so many followers. This perfume uses Push-pull technology which allow all the notes to be noticed at once.

Midnight Fantasy – Britany Spears

It is an amazing perfume that smells sweet has a notes of iris, freesia and night orchid. Best suited to the personality of Britany Spears and the fans love this perfume. At first, it comes sharp and then you will get the sweetness of amber and vanilla notes. These perfumes can be expensive but, on few stores, you can also find discount perfume.

Live Luxe – Jennifer Lopez

Finally, we have the Jennifer Lopez, Live Luxe. Just like the Jennifer the perfume also smells fancy. So, those who are looking for fancy character in them, should use this perfume. It actually matches the character of the star and sure for all of her followers. It will give you the scent of warm sandalwood and musk combo. You will also get the light honeysuckle and melon scent.


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